September 2015 archive

242a. The Punisher

He did technically start as a Spider-Man villain…

242. The Flash

I opened up my art app to work on something, and saw this drawing that I totally forgot about even starting. I was absolutely delighted to see what I had done, and so I finished it.

241a. Tombstone

I think it blew my fragile goddamn mind when I learned Tombstone was supposed to be black. I get he’s an albino, but nothing about him was ever drawn or written in a way that even suggested this. He looked like just a really pale old white guy and acted like just a really pale …

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I think I might be becoming a burgeoning misogynist, guys. Sorry in advance.

240b. Jason Young

Today the 300th episode (BATMAN & ROBIN!) of my podcast Gutter Trash is released. The 300th episode is a long time coming, in fact, it should have happened last year. Unfortunately, tragedy struck, and my co-host Jason needed some time away from the show. When he came back ready, it wasn’t too long after that …

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240a. Lizard


239a. Chameleon

Paul Jenkins once wrote a fantastic Chameleon story that I feel was sorta the Killing Joke for his character. But no one paid attention.


238a. Scorpion