November 2015 archive


302. Batman

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301. Usagi Yojimbo

Request from my friend Carrie – kinda. She spewed out a long list of indie comics, and Usagi stood out. I’d always meant to draw this character in some manner. May revisit this soon.


Day 300, Happy Black Friday. I’ll be at Mavericks Cards & Comics today, selling original art, prints, comics and sketches. Good deal on all the above, plus great deals on back issues, graphic novels and trade paperbacks. Stop by!

299. Texas Twister

Went to my pal Jason’s house for drawing night per the usual. He had grabbed a stack of Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Editions when he left work. I was going through them, and as I did Jason said I should keep a lookout for “Texas Twister”. Well, he was sure hard to …

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298. Tree

Watercolor and acrylic.

297. Steve’s Toe/Toxic Avenger

My friend Steve fucked up his toe. This is apparently what it looks like now. I should draw Toxie for realsies someday.

296. Marlena Midnite

295. Casey Jones

294. Knight and Squire

Always intended to color this, but never got around to it. I really like these characters, The Batman & Robin of England. There was a mini-series a few years ago, and I feel like it was unfairly overlooked.