January 2016 archive


Quote attributed to Paul F. Tompkins.

364. Webstor

One of my first Masters of the Universe figures as a kid.


I’m a fat guy who can barely find the energy to shave. I’ve got big ears, a big nose, bad teeth, uncooperative hair. I dress cheaply and unfashionably. I’m awkward, I slouch, and I’m just not a handsome dude. What I’m saying is, I have no room to make fun of anyone’s appearance, and yet …

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362. Judge Dredd

Drawn completely without reference and with only hazy memory.


The lie I tell myself.

360. Hourman

Time is a flat circle, and to celebrate day 360, here’s Hourman. Hourman is actually a secret favorite character of mine. Mostly it’s the hoodmask. He’s definitely one of my favorite Justice Society members. Even though I’ve grown out of the grim ‘n’ gritty “realistic” superhero thing, I always like Rex Tyler’s portrayal as an …

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359. Iron & Ink

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and former creative partner Bruce O. Hughes asked if I could draw a pin-up for the final issue of his comic Iron & Ink. Bruce will be debuting this last issue at the 2016 Independent Creators Expo on February 20th. You can also purchase it and his other …

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358. Beetle

A Beetle of a different color.

357. Silvermane

Now we’re getting into some Spider-Villains I’ve never even heard of, let alone read any stories about. But hey, old man cyborg, can’t go wrong.

356. Boomerang

Drawn this guy before, but like my redesign better.