March 2016 archive

425. Martha Kent’s Baby Boy

We are all Martha. As Martha, we can all love one another. I felt like I needed to draw the actual Superman, and not the murderous, apathetic sad-sack I drew last week. I have not seen BvS:DoJ. I will not. But, I’ve got the gist. Here’s the thing: If I hated a movie, why in …

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424. Spider, man

If only Hunter S. Thompson was still alive and/or Spider Jerusalem was real. I think either would be having a massive field day with the current election. But no one would be listening anyway. Transmetropolitan is another Top 10 comic series for me. Also the only series I own with an issue 1 signed by …

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423. Cassidy

In about two months time, the Preacher television series will premiere. I am cautiously hopeful. Preacher resides in my top 10 comic series of all time (possibly in the top 5). The trailer they released a few months back, however, left me wanting. None of the tone of what makes it such a great comic …

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421. Zorro

Not to harp on Batman, but if he were created in the modern day, would his parents have been murdered coming out of the Antonio Banderas Zorro film? Or even better the George Hamilton movie, ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE? I hope it’s that one.

420. Batman

Batman! The Dark Knight! Vengeance personified! The brooding, brutal, psychotic, obsessed vigilante of the night!

419. Superman

It’s Superman! That beacon of hope and humanity we all know and love! Yes! Superman!


Every time my dad has to be hospitalized, my mom and I finally get to eat Chinese or Mexican (or any ethnic foods, really) together. So, there’s that. Drew this last night in the waiting room at the ER while my dad was being admitted to the hospital for chest pains and a skyrocketed blood …

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Some days are golden, some days are mad dashes to put some stupid rushed shit on the blog.

416. Eddie

Can I play with madness? I can. This is a drawing three years in the making. Sorta. About three years ago, I made a loose pencil sketch of this and wanted to make it into a tighter drawing, maybe a print. Finally got around to drawing it. Maybe in another three years, I’ll color it. …

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