June 2016 archive

516. Meat Grinder

Click to embiggen. So. This. I never posted this anywhere publicly, but it’s quite a few years old. The only way you’ve seen it without being a friend of mine is if you purchased a copy (or supported the Kickstarter) of Pat Kain’s SOAKED MOIST. He asked a bunch of folks to draw the filthiest, …

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515. The Walking Dead

Click to embiggen. Why would I want to draw any of the dumb human meat from this book or show when I could draw a ZOMBIE?

514. She-Hulk

Click to embiggen. I have nothing to say about this.

513. Morbius, The Living Vampire

Click to embiggen. I bought this sketch cover to draw an awesome Morbius, demand be damned. But hell, you never know what’ll sell. At Heroes, I sold two original pieces of art, and it wasn’t a Batman, Deadpool, or Harley Quinn. It was The Munsters and Man-Wolf. Before that, the last original I sold was …

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512. Joker

Click to embiggen. Hey, what if I drew the Ceasar Romero version of the Joker? Well, sir, it would look like ass.

511. Judge Death

Click to embiggen. I may not be at Heroes Con, but I’ll keep doing sketch covers, to prep for the next Con, whenever or whatever that might be. I’ll also probably throw all these up on my Etsy store. So. Never drawn Judge Death before. I liked it. I will do this again.



Guys. It was a typo. Cap wasn’t saying “Hail Hydra”, he was saying “Hail Hydrox“. Which some may say is a bigger crime and more offensive to Jack Kirby, a famous and notoriously fierce Oreo supporter. Stan Lee thinks it’s a great idea because of course he fucking does. Stan wouldn’t know a quality chocolate …

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pencil sketch on a desk


Anger sketch.