July 2016 archive


546. Winter Knight

I asked my friend Joe G. to name 1 Marvel character and 1 DC. I didn’t tell him why or what I was planning. I am however not surprised he chose the adult versions of two of the most well-known kid sidekicks. But here they are, Amalgamated.

545. Justice League of America

Click to embiggen. I was at my friend Jason’s house and had brought along this Justice League sketch cover to work on. My initial idea was to recreate an old JLA cover. Jason had recently bought a book called Fucked Up & Photocopied, a collection of old punk rock fliers and posters, many of them …

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So, in an effort to battle my burgeoning agoraphobia, I am making a better effort to leave my house and be social on occasion. I am trying to accept offers of doing stuff with friends when they ask. Sometimes that means doing stuff I may not particularly want to do, like, go to the bar …

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So I tried to start an art experiment of sorts. I asked folks on Facebook to provide a random scribble and I would then turn it into something. No one responded because I don’t have any friends and you’re all assholes anyway. Except for Joe G. Joe G. is my friend and not an asshole. …

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540. Robin

539. Lex Luthor

He didn’t request it, but this is for Joe Grunenwald.


Last night, I went to a movie for a dollar. I saw Harry Potter and the Flatulent Corpse. Actually, I saw Swiss Army Man, which I would have gladly paid up to maybe 5 dollars to see. It’s definitely in my top 10 of weird-as-shit movies. It stars Paul Dano as a sad, lonely man …

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