Tag: Fuck DC

511. Bat-Man

I figured since I’ve been drawing a fair amount of Superman villains lately, I should definitely include his biggest arch-nemesis, Bat-Man. Apparently, the Bat-Fella is also celebrating a 75th anniversary. Even if you’re a comic fan, I’d excuse you not noticing. DC Comics and Warner Brothers have kept the celebration pretty low-key. What do you …

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306 – Wally West: New God

Inspired by a comment from Josh Marowitz (friend of Joe Grunenwald and listener of League Night), I decided to give Wally West a Fourth World-inspired makeover to explain that he has become a New God, which is why he no longer exists in the DC Universe anymore.

088 – The Flash

Since DC apparently refuses to use Wally West for anything worthwhile, I figured I’d draw him here, also so my friend Joe can get mad. But hey, at least all the Flashes are still ‘merican citizens, dagnabbit. Not like that filthy commie Superman.