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110. Element Lad

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film. Enjoyable but not terribly in-depth documentary about what the title says it is. Some decent interviews and spotlights on some interesting looking obscure films, but otherwise, kind of empty.

109. Mon-El

Kind of a variation on the New 52 version of his costume, which is a first since I started LoSH Month. *** I watched about 30 minutes of Cool World. What an awful turd. Followed that later in the day with The Last Winter. I watched all of it, but it wasn’t great, despite some …

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108. Phantom Girl

I went with the animated version of Phantom Girl here. I remember liking her on the show quite a bit. *** Bad Kids Go to Hell. I watched this simply because Ben Browder from FARSCAPE is in it. His role – while pivitol – is less substantial than his appearances in episodes of ARROW or …

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107. Dream Girl

Dreamy. *** Slumber Party Massacre. This was about an hour and fifteen minutes. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Action packed, funny, exciting and all around awesome. Ghost Protocol! Chasing Sleep. Creepy and weird Jeff Daniels movie. Lots of atmosphere and tension, with Daniels as one of the only actors onscreen for most of the movie (he’s …

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106. Matter-Eater Lad

He eats matter.

105. XS

This is the one Legionnaire I actually know stuff about. She is Barry Allen (The Flash)’s granddaughter, and she was a semi-recurring character during the Zero Hour-era Flash comics, a time in which I was reading that particular book. I changed her costume to reflect her lineage.

104. Wildfire

I went “Classic Iron Man” for his look here, combined with his Legion Lost armor. **** Watched the Zombieland Amazon pilot. It was okay. There were 1 or 2 laugh out loud moments, but it was mostly just existing. I think the biggest mistake is in continuing the story of the characters from the movie …

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103. Star Boy

Once again, the general lack of diversity in the Legion leads me to draw this version of the character. Plus, the costume is a little snazzier. *** Stitches. An Irish comedy/horror movie about a gross, unfunny, untalented clown named “Stitches” who dies in a freak accident at a kid’s party. 6 years later he returns …

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102. Sun Boy

I was unaware this was out, but I watched Superman Unbound. It’s not good. It’s better than Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Public Enemies, and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. That’s not saying much. But it might be the best looking DC direct to DVD animated film. The credits list Eric Canete as being involved, so I might …

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101. Andromeda

Eh. Fun costume, though. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. I saw this in the theater as a kid, and I enjoyed it. It’s still funny enough. But in all seriousness, boobs. Just, boobs. Currently watching Jack Reacher. It’s enjoyable enough.