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90. Lightning Lad

Welcome to May and my first theme month: The Legion of Superheroes! I’ve got my list of 31 days and 31 Legionnaires to fill ’em up with. I plan on doing other theme months in the future, but we’ll see how this goes first. As an added bonus/challenge I’m going to color all of them. …

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334 – Saturn Girl

Another Legionnaire for Jim Purcell, co-host and creator of The Savage FINcast, a podcast the celebrates everything Savage Dragon and Erik Larsen related, in addition to being the newest podcast addition to the Gutter Trash Network. I think three podcasts makes it a network. I have enjoyed the two attempts at drawing Legion of Superhero …

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246 – Ultra Boy

For Jim Purcell. Despite being a really quick sketch, I had fun drawing this, the first Legionnaire I’ve ever drawn. I definitely think I’ll tackle some more LOSH characters in the future (like they’re from, get it?).

239 – Psycho Pirate

A sketch request from Joe Grunenwald, I decided to modify the costume a bit, to make it slightly less goofy. I this version, the mask would never morph into an emotion, the victim would see their own reflection and that would morph into whatever emotion The Pirate would want. *** Also, I am featured on …

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