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A Hollow Smile

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647. Sad Monster

As most folks may know, I am The Sad Monster. It has sort of become my alter ego over the last year and a half/two years. The Sad Monster has also sort of become my artistic through-line, purpose, identity, and calling card. A self-portrait is the saddest monster I could draw. This is the 2nd …

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378. Green Lantern

I didn’t have time to ink this at all. Sorry. I’ve said it before, John Stewart is my 3rd favorite Lantern, behind Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner respectively. Hal Jordan, you’re damn near the bottom. It’s not been a great day. My best friend of the past 13 years – a woman I loved with …

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281. Sad Lantern

145 – Sad Monster

Sketched this while waiting for my friend at the Urgent Care.