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Horseman. Stuff: The Inhumans. eBay. Bid.

022 – Robin

OGBW, Dick. Stuff The Inhumans. eBay. Bid.


Grin. Business! FINAL DAY for the Norm Breyfogle Batman Charity Auction! BID! Also trying to make some cash for myself. Inhumans drawing. They’re gonna be huge!

019 – Booster Gold

Loves me some Booster. My comic shipment comes in this week and includes the Blue Beetle Showcase trade, reprinting the entire 80s series in one black & white phonebook edition. It will go right next to the Booster Gold Showcase, where it belongs. I got business: Norm Breyfogle Batman Charity Auction. 1 Day left. Eric …

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All I can think of right now, all I want to be doing, the only thing that I was thinking during the entire 2.5 hour (!) drive to work this morning… I want to be drawing right now. All day. Nothing but. And yet… *sigh*. I need to figure out how to make drawing my …

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The last few days have not been good. I think I need to get back into therapy. I have just been a bundle of unexplained anger and sadness and suicidal thoughts. So. Happy day after President’s Day everyone. Meanwhile, bidding on the only decent thing I’ve ever tried to do in my life continues for …

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This was drawn on a rough day. Anyhoo. I watched Horns last night. It was enjoyable, especially since I’ve never given two fucks about Harry Potter and had no baggage (other than A Young Doctor’s Notebook) going into this. It’s fairly predictable, a bit cheeseball and a little long, but yeah, fun.

012 – spiderman2

Watched a movie last night called The Deaths of Ian Stone. Fascinating premise that quickly devolved into every bullshit movie cliche I’ve ever seen.


Yes. That’s a tiny leg.