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1468. Ambush Bug

Margaret Cross was a big supporter of the Sketch-a-day in the early days of the 1st year I attempted it, and I’ll never forget that. I offered her a request, and she issued a challenge. Ambush Bug in a Mike Mignola-esque style. Accepted. Achieved? Nope. Now I’m just thinking about how Keith Giffen – creator …

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1467. Usagi Yojimbo

I wanted to try a “realistic” approach to Usagi here. So, this is heavily referenced from a picture of a bunny. This was requested by Ivan Martin. I don’t know him, but he has pretty much been the only person that keeps my artist page on Facebook afloat, and for that he deserves a request. …

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1466. Moon Knight

I’ve always been fond of Moon Knight. I am definitely not fond of the dissociative disorder that writers have been forcing on the character. It really does not make him more interesting. Oh well. This was requested by Chris Jones, whom I’ve known for a while. He is fond of saying that my work “rules …

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1465. Xemnu

Back before Marvel Comics became what we know today, they published a lot of monster and sci-fi comics. One of those had a monster called The Hulk. This was he. Eventually they made another character named The Hulk, and so when someone decided to use this character, they called him Xemnu. Neil Soblieski doesn’t exist …

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1464. Captain Comet

Here we are, the final week of the Sketch-a-Day! Not a theme week, but just asking individuals who have been friends and cheerleaders for one-off requests. Today is Mike Adams, who requested Captain Comet – a character I was only vaguely aware of. He appeared in the Secret Society of Supervillains in the late 70s, …

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1463. Arrowette

Again, no idea who this is or what her deal is. Sorry, Jorell, sorry Peter David! *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store My Patreon Page Commission Info

1462. The Secret

I’m gonna be honest here: I have only read 1 issue of the original Young Justice comic. The first issue. I hated it so much that I tore it up and threw it away. So basically, I have no idea who this character is. Also, today is the 4th anniversary of when I began Sketch-a-Day …

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1461. Red Tornado

***I’m still here. ***My Art Store My Patreon Page Commission Info

1460. Wonder Girl

I’ve spent the better part of 25 years trying to understand Donna Troy, I do not need another Wonder Girl plodding around and fucking up continuity. ***I’m still here. ***My Art Store My Patreon Page Commission Info

1459. Impulse

I was a big fan of Impulse in the 90s, particularly his early appearances and 1st two dozen or so issues of his 90s series. ***I’m still here. ***My Art Store My Patreon Page Commission Info