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342. Hawkeye

341. Hulk

Watched Hamlet 2 last night. It was funny enough and the musical numbers didn’t bother me as much as I thought they might. It helps that they make sense in the context of the story, but they were repetitive and the joke of the songs got old super-fast. In fact the joke of the entire …

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340. Black Widow

339. Nick Fury

275. The Avengers

On Halloween, my friend Joe G. posted a picture of himself dressed up as The Avengers. For some reason, I really wanted to draw that concept, without all the Joe G. parts. He’s a nice man, but no thank you. I made some changes and added a Nick Fury eyepatch because Joe G. doesn’t think. …

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313 – The Vision

One of those characters that always stuck in my head from childhood. Also another character who was an evil robot turned good. I think. I dunno. Colors.

291 – Wonder Man

My final Wonder Man, the ionic, living Kirby Krackle version.

290 – Wonder Man

This is the (mostly) the costume Wonder Man wore when I first was introduced to the character in John Byrne’s West Coast Avengers. Sans mullet, though. Because, y’know. Mullet.

289 – Wonder Man

Hollywood/Safari outfit, which I think is awesome.

276 – Captain Marvel

The other Captain Marvel, aka Monica Rambeau, whom I know better as the team leader from NextWave, quite possibly one of the best comics Marvel has produced in 10 years. So of course it got cancelled.