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Ash is the only icon of horror who isn’t a villain or monster. He’s just an average joe. With a chainsaw hand. That’s why everyone loves him. Me included. Evil Dead II is in my Top 5 of all-time favorite movies ever. EVER. Not just horror movies. ALL movies. The Dark Knight can still go suck a nut.

I’m an inch away from getting Dish Network. Still undecided.

Quickie horror movie reviews of recent Netflix’d fare:

May. Excellent film, truly disturbing in it’s main character’s akwardness. Long before the eventual bloodbath, you wince, gag and bite your nails at just how timid and backward the character of May is. It’s almost heartbreaking. This may have become a new favorite.

Bride of Re-Animator. Sequel to the original classic. Just gruesome, goofy fun. Jeffrey Combs is great as usual as the progressively crazier Dr. Herbert West, who begins some more outlandish experiments with his re-agent.

The Woods. An effectively creepy tale about young girls at an all-girls school in 1965. There’s some stuff about witches and haunted woods and whatnot, but it barely matters. The acting is good, the mood and tension are good, and it’s mostly about the characters. Plus Bruce Campbell is in it for about 10 minutes. 5 of which, he actually has lines.

Ravenous. Holy crap how did I miss this one for so long? I can see why it bombed so terribly when it came out. It’s not exactly a horror film, but it’s also not exactly any other kind of film, which means people stayed away in droves. It’s got Guy Pearce, Robert Carlisle, Jeffery Jones, David Arquette and Jeremy Davies, and it’s about cannibals in the old west, circa 1850. It takes the cannibalism part of the story of the Donner Party and runs away with it in crazy (and occassionally hilarious) directions. And of course, the acting is great all around.

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