Ok, PANIC!: Lord of the Rings

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what this is. LotR is something I have almost no interest in. It’s totally passed me by. I saw the 3 movies, mostly because my girlfriend at the time and my mom at the time wanted to see them. The only thing I remember about any of them is seeing Return of the King on opening night with my mom and girlfriend, and not being able to find 3 seats together. So I had to sit by myself in the only seat left. The very front row in the far left corner. For the entire 37.5 hour runtime. I hate that movie.

Anyway, this is where I bailed on Ok, PANIC!. It wasn’t fun, and the proprietor was just being a dick online. Even more than I usually am. So, I was done. Jason left soon after. Kurt & Jeff remained til the end.

I’m still here.
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