So yesterday, I discussed Supreme: Blue Rose. I read issue 2 last night and I still enjoy it. The offset coloring is definitely an artistic choice, but I totally think it’s a poor choice. The crazy blue scribbles were definitely toned down, though.
On the other hand, I read the first two issues of Warren Ellis & Jason Howard’s Trees. I enjoy Jason Howard from his work on Astounding Wolf-Man. I remember seeing some of his sketches in the back of the trades and remarking that I liked the roughness of his sketches more than the slickness of the actual comics. Here in Trees he is definitely going rough. It’s kinda great. I love an artist that can break from their established style and still maintain that “thing” that makes it “them”. Unfortunately, this style is being used on the comic Trees. It’s a new aspect of Ellis I haven’t experienced yet: uninspired.
The book just seems so lackadaisical and aimless. I know it was only two issues, but there hasn’t been anything in ’em to make me want to continue. The concept is intriguing, the art is nice. The set-up seems like a Roland Emmerich big-budget disaster movie – introducing the players in snippets, seemingly at random. But, I don’t like that guy’s movies either. It’s just… I dunno. Disappointing. I’m stuck buying the rest of this series so far, I hope it pays off soon.
I also read Hawkeye 18 & 19. Fraction is running down his time on the book and possibly Marvel? Either way, the book is still brilliant and fun and I will be sad when it is gone.

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