Drew this left-handed.
Forgot my phone when I went to class last night, and then went out afterwards. For six hours, everytime there was a slight lull, all I wanted to do was check Twitter. Why? There was nothing there I wanted to see. No one clamoring to talk to me, and nothing but depression and awfulness on it. And yet, every 5 minutes, I’d reach into my pocket, only to feel my lonesome keys, upset that I had still forgotten the damn thing and that I was currently out of touch with a world in which no one want me to be a part. Except, I was out. I was with people, with friends, interracting, being social, having a good time. But not a good enough time, because, no phone. It’s like a weird, shitty epiphany that will do absolutely nothing to change my worldview. As soon as I got home, I checked everything. A friend had texted me once. There was nothing new on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, anything. And yet, instead of going to bed like a normal human, I spent the next hour surfing and texting friends, and reading about the garbage fire we call life. Cellular fucking heroin.

I’m still here.
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