October Treats

To keep me further procrastinated away from working on my sequentials, I threw down a challenge at myself. From this point on, until October 31st, I am posting a new piece of – something – everyday. Anything goes – from full blown illustration to a doodle on a post-it. From 10/06/08 – 10/31/08, new “art”, everyday. And, in the spirit blahblah, it’ll be horror related.

So, if’n you actually follow this blog, and you gots a horror-related request, I’ll post it sometime within the rest of this month.

Starting…. now.

10/06. This started out as Michael Myers, but I can’t draw likeness, or Bill Shatner, so I just made him my own slasher. And I’m sure it’s not original, either, but then again, which slasher is, anymore?