The Baroness

So. Tomorrow was originally supposed to be Free Comic Book Day. Thanks to our plaguey apocalypse, it has been postponed until a date to be determined. Which I am 100% fine with. Keep things closed, for the love of God. Stay home, you gross monsters.

That said, I have a ton of sketch cards that I have been working on and stockpiling for my semi-usual public appearance at Mavericks Cards and Comics. Rest easy knowing that whenever FCBD happens, I will be there… tired and grumpy and being your art monkey, dancing to your unreasonable tunes.

But until that time, well, might as well share ‘en with you. Again, whenever FCBD might be, these will all be available for free (one per customer) as well as me sketching per requests (one per customer).

Unless I’m dead! Which, if I get the ‘rona, I will be! I will not survive this virus if I get it! Despite my depression and tendency toward suicidal ideation, I definitely don’t want to die due to this horrible and entirely preventable disease. I’m fairly certain anyone reading this is not likely a Virus-denying shithead, but still, I implore everyone: be cautious. Stay safe. Stay home. Wash your gross-ass hands. Do not allow horrible politicians and corporations to kill humans. DO NOT KILL ME! Please!

Anyhoo, here’s that G.I. Joe lady.

I’m still here.

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