227 – Dogwitch

A request from my friend Amanda. I remember going to a comic shop with her back in like 2002 or ’03 in Yellow Springs, Ohio. If there was a city that could be my archnemesis, it would be Yellow Springs. Cut your hair and get a job, you fuckin’ hippies. And don’t you dare even think about talking down to me like I’m nothing. One of us showered today, and it wasn’t fucking you.


We were browsing, and I spotted the first issue of Dogwitch on the shelf. I pointed it out to her, as it seemed to be the kind of book she liked – supernatural, gothy, tongue-in-cheek, giant boobs. I only read a handful of issues, but they were fun, and the art was fantastic, and it seemed a cut above some of the other “bad girl” type comics.

Later on, the writer/artist of Dogwitch – Dan Schaffer – would continue his canine fueled fiction by writing a fun little zombie flick called Doghouse in which a group of dudes go on a dude weekend in the country, only to find that all the women in this small town have become flesh eating zombies and killed all the males. It’s good. Watch it.

Fuck Yellow Springs.


    • jason on September 15, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    Nice bad girl art sir!

    You know, just moments before I read this post I’d talked with my cousin about our upcoming trip to Yellow Springs this weekend!

    And I totally didn’t shower today. For real.

    • Eric on September 15, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    Get a job!

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