The Question

Over on my social media (Twitter), I’m keeping track of my New Year’s Resolution: I am going to read at least one comic a day. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I’ve been dreadfully lax in all kinds of reading for… 20 years? It’s bad. I need & want to read more. I mean I still buy comics and books all the time, they’re meant to be read. I figured this was a good and easy thing to do. I’m posting what I’ve read there mosty to keep myself accountable.

I’m 6 days in, and currently reading the Steve Ditko Charlton Heroes Archive Edition. I’ve owned this thing for over a decade. I just read the 1st appearance of The Question, from Blue Beetle #1, and decided to doodle a quick Vic.

Check out my progress and follow along with my weird, random choices!

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