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1371. Blue Beetle #1

Click to embiggen. Today would be Steve Ditko’s 91st birthday. I initially drew this for a coalition of 91 artists drawing Ditko sketches today. I’m not sure if there is going to be any follow-through on anyone else’s part. This is an homage/recreation of Charlton Comics’ BLUE BEETLE #1 (see below). I will have this …

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1289. The Question

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054 – The Question

I recently came to the conclusion that I love a lot of Steve Ditko creations, but I do not particularly care for the work of Steve Ditko. He’s a creative mind who has created a lot of characters that I unabashedly love like The Question, Creeper, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and of course, Blue Beetle. But …

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007 – Question & Answer

So, Mike Norton is this crazy talented artist whose work deserves a higher profile. He’s worked steadily for years, and seems to be quite popular, but he’s far from an A-Lister. I admire his ability to change his style to work for whatever project he’s doing. He currently has the gig for the Young Justice …

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Charlton Chew

Much like my opinion of Jack Kirby, I’ve spent most of my comic reading career disliking Steve Ditko. Over the past few years I’ve gotten past the things that I disliked – which were all aesthetic issues – and realized the genius of both of those creators embedded in their art. It also doesn’t hurt …

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