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1371. Blue Beetle #1

Click to embiggen. Today would be Steve Ditko’s 91st birthday. I initially drew this for a coalition of 91 artists drawing Ditko sketches today. I’m not sure if there is going to be any follow-through on anyone else’s part. This is an homage/recreation of Charlton Comics’ BLUE BEETLE #1 (see below). I will have this …

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F*ck Nazis: Now on eBay!

Bid on it here, and let’s raise money to fight awfulness.

737. F*ck Nazis

I’ve had this blank variant for Hail Hydra #1 sitting at my LCS for quite a while, and over the weekend, I thought about it and came up with an idea to draw. This will soon be available on eBay, with any money raised going to the ACLU. *** I’m still here. *** My Art …

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Multiversity eBay Auction

For sale on eBay now! DC Comics’ Grant Morrison’s MULTIVERSITY # 1 original art sketch cover Superman Earth 23 Dino-Cop Erik Larsen homage Savage Dragon. How was that, Joe?

Inhumans Auction

I am selling an original Inhumans drawing on eBay. I originally drew the piece for a digital commission of sorts. Bid, spread the word. Since this is purely for no charity, also remember the much more important Batman auction is still going for a few days. After that, Inhuman away!

015 – Batman

Listen, my life pretty much revolves around Batman. So, enjoy this post-it Batman, but bid and spread the word on this eBay auction for the Batman piece I drew to raise money for Norm Breyfogle.

Batman for Breyfogle on eBay

The Batman illustration I drew to raise money for Norm Breyfogle’s fundraiser is now available on eBay. Please link, spread the word or bid on it!