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Multiversity eBay Auction

For sale on eBay now! DC Comics’ Grant Morrison’s MULTIVERSITY # 1 original art sketch cover Superman Earth 23 Dino-Cop Erik Larsen homage Savage Dragon. How was that, Joe?

Inhumans Auction

I am selling an original Inhumans drawing on eBay. I originally drew the piece for a digital commission of sorts. Bid, spread the word. Since this is purely for no charity, also remember the much more important Batman auction is still going for a few days. After that, Inhuman away!

015 – Batman

Listen, my life pretty much revolves around Batman. So, enjoy this post-it Batman, but bid and spread the word on this eBay auction for the Batman piece I drew to raise money for Norm Breyfogle.

003 – Batman

Reading comics in the late 80s and early 90s, especially right around the time of the first Tim Burton Batman film, I would on occasion check out some Batman comics. Usually, they were drawn by either Jim Aparo or Norm Breyfogle. Even though I clearly love me some Kelley Jones Batman, when the word “Batman” …

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279 – Odin

By Odin’s Beard! My friend Stephen Alexander is a member of a group called The Gem City Gentlemen of the Gilded Beard. This is a group of people who are in love with – to a possibly obsessive degree – their own beards. If my comments seem snide, it is out of pure jealousy and …

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