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Savage Dragon

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Erik Larsen creates perfect villains. Ridiculous and deadly. It’s a precarious combo, but he does it expertly. (Remember to order SUPER FREAKS from your friendly neighborhood comic shop [or mail order service])

Super Freaked

A little over 10 years ago, my friend Jim asked me for advice/help on getting started with a podcast. I gave him what little advice I could (which, after podcasting for almost 14 years, is still very little and useless). Then I offered him a URL and hosting space on my server, and I started …

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Savage Dragon

1456. Arachnid

Here’s the one character I didn’t remember.

1455. Angel Murphy

1454. Cyberface

Once you get past his joke of a name, it was cool that Cyberface became one of Dragon’s longer lasting and more formidable foe. Even if, y’know, his face is cybernetic.

1453. Horde

There are so many different ways I could have drawn this. I opted for the one that made me think, “yeah, this’ll look awesome!”. That path quickly turned to “what the fuck am I doing drawing all these lines? What is wrong with me? I can’t stop now, either!” And now here we are.

1452. Mighty Man

1451. SuperPatriot