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Patreon Reward: Powerhouse

Erik Larsen creates perfect villains. Ridiculous and deadly. It’s a precarious combo, but he does it expertly. (Remember to order SUPER FREAKS from your friendly neighborhood comic shop [or mail order service])

Patreon Reward: The Amazon

So I usually try not to mention my Patreon supporters by name, even though I know them all because there are so few of them, and they are all my friends (Hi Joe, Jorell, Jim, and Jephanie!)! SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! So anyhoo, Jim Purcell asked for something a little different this month. This sketch …

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Super Freaked

A little over 10 years ago, my friend Jim asked me for advice/help on getting started with a podcast. I gave him what little advice I could (which, after podcasting for almost 14 years, is still very little and useless). Then I offered him a URL and hosting space on my server, and I started …

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1456. Arachnid

Here’s the one character I didn’t remember.

1455. Angel Murphy

1454. Cyberface

Once you get past his joke of a name, it was cool that Cyberface became one of Dragon’s longer lasting and more formidable foe. Even if, y’know, his face is cybernetic.

1453. Horde

There are so many different ways I could have drawn this. I opted for the one that made me think, “yeah, this’ll look awesome!”. That path quickly turned to “what the fuck am I doing drawing all these lines? What is wrong with me? I can’t stop now, either!” And now here we are.

1452. Mighty Man

1451. SuperPatriot

1450. Neutron Bob

Welcome to Jim Purcell Week! Jim has been a longtime supporter and online friend. While I have taken requests from him, especially during my Legion of Super Heroes month ages ago, he’s never been a full theme week. He’s chosen to dedicate his week to Savage Dragon supporting characters and villains. I don’t think I’ll …

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