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Many, many years ago, I did a “redesign” of Shadowhawk. I wanted to re-visit it. In recent years, I have bought (most) of all the various Shadowhawk comics that exist. Many of which were .50 cent and dollar box fodder. I think there’s like 5 left yet to find.

The Clown

Click to embiggen. Todd McFarlane ran a contest this past month on Instagram. It was Spawnuary, and he challenged artists to draw a Spawn or Spawn Family cover for the chance to be used as a future variant for one of his Spawn comics. Everyone else was doing it, and who am I to not …

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My friend Joe bought me this blank. We were discussing that kids love chains. and Batman. So we decided to do dueling Batman/Spawn mash-ups. Although there is one featured in this book. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I really hate these colored blank sketch covers. Anyway, Joe, you’re up.

The Last Shadowhawk

This cover is available on my Art Shop. I developed a small obsession with Shadowhawk over the last year or two, buying most of his various series for a dollar (or less) an issue. I think I’m missing maybe 10 random issues from across his various series and one-shots throughout the years. Also, the afterward …

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Savage Dragon

Spawn Blank Cover

Started this Spawn sketch cover a long time ago. It is available for sale in my shop.

Patreon Reward: Rogue Sun

Patron asked for this character. I know nothing about it, but I think it’s vaguely involved in the weird sorta “Radiant Black” mini-universe that’s happening at Image Comics?

Patreon Reward: Powerhouse

Erik Larsen creates perfect villains. Ridiculous and deadly. It’s a precarious combo, but he does it expertly. (Remember to order SUPER FREAKS from your friendly neighborhood comic shop [or mail order service])

Super Freaked

A little over 10 years ago, my friend Jim asked me for advice/help on getting started with a podcast. I gave him what little advice I could (which, after podcasting for almost 14 years, is still very little and useless). Then I offered him a URL and hosting space on my server, and I started …

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Patreon Reward: Rocket Girl

Patreon Reward featuring Amy Reeder’s Image Comics heroine Rocket Girl.