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Many, many years ago, I did a “redesign” of Shadowhawk. I wanted to re-visit it. In recent years, I have bought (most) of all the various Shadowhawk comics that exist. Many of which were .50 cent and dollar box fodder. I think there’s like 5 left yet to find.

The Heckler

Decided to do a redesign of the classic forgotten/cult character The Heckler. One of Keith Giffen’s finest and more obscure creations (Vext is probably the most). Giffen passed away a few months ago, and jeez, it hit me really hard. His run on Justice League is probably the biggest influence on me as a “storyteller” …

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676. Diehard

Did a little redesign on him. This drawing is actually really old. Like… 4 years? Maybe? Also, he’s my favorite Christmas movie.

499. Cyclops

355. Kid Flash

Lotsa talk about Wally West making his New 52 debut in a few months. The cover of his reappearance features a blue-clad Flash-like guy, but it might not be Wally. Mayhaps Wally is being set up to be the new Kid Flash again? I dunno. I do know that it will most likely be fucking …

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273. Dracula

Happy Halloween! About 4 or 5 years ago, when I still had a local comic shop that I tolerated shopping at, I walked in one Saturday after they had just purchased a collection. They were sorting through the books, and I was being particularly nosey. I was flipping through a stack and saw a small …

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272. Omega Red

I don’t think I ever read any comics where Omega Red was a major character after his debut. Well, there were a couple issues of Ultimate Spider-Man where Ultimate Omega Red showed up. So anyhoo, he’s a pretty generic guy. But holy shit, when I was 12/13 when he debuted, I was into it. I …

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271. Brother Voodoo

I don’t know a thing about Brother Voodoo. I do know that he ousted Dr. Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme once, and then called himself Doctor Voodoo. And it upset me. Just because he’s the Sorcerer Supreme didn’t mean he got a doctorate! Dr. Strange is Dr. Strange because he’s a fucking doctor! And then …

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270. Blue Beetle

The Ted Kord Blue Beetle is one of my all-time favorite comic book characters. I like him for a variety of different reasons. He’s basically light-hearted Batman. He’s got all the skills, the gadgets and the money without all the brooding, mopey tragic bullshit (FYI, A well-adjusted Batman is my favorite Batman. Give me Brave …

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