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Video Here

Silver Banshee


Video Here.


Batman Beyond

The first Batman made with no meat!

O.W.A.C. (One Woman Army Corp)

Gender-Bent OMAC. Check out the YouTubes.


I have never drawn classic old-school Clark Kent Superboy before, so I decided to give it a shot. Check out the YouTubes.

Patreon Reward: Doom 2099

I knew nothing of the Doom 2099 series or character. Turns out, it’s just regular-class modern day Doctor Doom somehow in the year 2099. Feels like Marvel pulled that trick a few times. Turns out, I like this suit.

Patreon Reward: GL Kong

King Kong as a Green Lantern. Self-Explanatory. Not sure if this happens in the Godzilla vs. Kong vs. Justice League comic, I lost track of it.


Cleaning some stuff and I found this sketch cover I never posted. Available on the Shop!