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Silver Surfer

When Julia Gardner was cast as Silver Surfer in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, I saw a lot of folks immediately post fan-art of her in the role. Most of them gave her hair. So I jumped on board the trend and did my, but without hair. Just because she’s a girl Silver Surfer doesn’t …

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Invisible Woman

Just wanted to draw the best costume upgrade of the 1990s, Susan Storm-Richards MILFing it up across the galaxy. Let’s bring this back, Marvel. Especially just in time for Vanessa Kirby to suit up.

Iron Man vs Doctor Doom

This cover is available on my Art Shop. Loosely based on John Romita Jr.’s cover to Iron Man #150.

Doctor Doom

This final Christmas sketch went out to one of my followers – someone I didn’t know beforehand! They asked how I felt about Doctor Doom. The answer is that I don’t care for his politics, nor his stance on “Richards”. But he is cool looking.

Buscema’s Silver Surfer

A few years ago, I digitally inked and colored a John Buscema Silver Surfer drawing I found online. I posted it as a Patreon exclusive. Decided to post it here for posterity. I enjoyed doing this and playing with the raw Buscema of it all, and really fucking it up.

58. Lyja

A colored-up Patreon reward! Sometimes I do this! (The Patron only gets the black & white line art, sorry. But I’ll sell anyone a hi-res jpg for 5 bucks).

33. She-Hulk

32. Invisible Woman

Welcome to Marvember 2021, The Women of Marvel. Starting with the first lady of Marvel, Sue Storm. Prepare for a month of terrible drawings!

Patreon Reward: Super Skrull