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Buscema’s Silver Surfer

A few years ago, I digitally inked and colored a John Buscema Silver Surfer drawing I found online. I posted it as a Patreon exclusive. Decided to post it here for posterity. I enjoyed doing this and playing with the raw Buscema of it all, and really fucking it up.


Annihilus Funky Flashman Galactus *** Ending the 100 Kirbys with three of Jack’s greatest, deadliest villains. I took a little artistic license with Funky Flashman. I think Kirby would have approved. So, all the Kirby sketches are a minimum of 5 bucks. Except Galactus. I drew him on 11 x 17 bristol board, so he’s …

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669. Nova

So, I drew this, like, almost a year ago, back in January. It was a weird time. Which brings me to this, oddly. I need a break. With day 669 (my brotha!), Sketch-a-Day 2.0 is ending as I take a short hiatus. I’ve got some projects I need to get a jump on, and I …

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312 – Galactus

Silver Surfer

In the early 90s, I was a big Silver Surfer fan. I was also a big Ron Lim fan. Not so much either, nowadays. Still have a fondness for The Surfer, though. Would love for there to be a Surfer book I’d want to read.