Silver Surfer

In the early 90s, I was a big Silver Surfer fan. I was also a big Ron Lim fan. Not so much either, nowadays. Still have a fondness for The Surfer, though. Would love for there to be a Surfer book I’d want to read.

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  1. I became a Ron Lim fan back when I was first really getting into Marvel reading J2 and Mutant X in the late 90s. Then I started to realize A)the guy was practically drawing everything at Marvel at the time and B)All his women look identical. Still, he’s does draw some fun stuff.
    On the Surfer, I’ve always liked the character, but he’s another tough character to write properly. His stories have to be really ‘cosmic’ and out there to really shine. I thought Simon Spurrier’s Silver Surfer: In Thy Name mini-series was pretty damn good, and really got what SS was all about.

  2. When Ron Lim was doing the Surfer, he was mostly drawing aliens and monsters, and I did love how shiny he made SS look. I even liked some of his Captain America stuff. While I love cartoony artists, his work kinda pales and looks flat compared to more contemporary artists.
    I did want to check out In Thy Name, especially since Tan Eng Huat drew it, and I want to love that guy’s art so much. Totally forgot it existed though by the time the trade came out.
    And I don’t think I could draw any comic, let alone a Silver Surfer book. This post was my 9th attempt in two weeks to draw him, and it’s still a fail to me.

  3. I think I’m gonna take another crack at this. Don’t be surprised to see another SS in the next month.

    • shiro on February 12, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Down on Ron Lim? I guess that you mooks have never seen his raw pencils. Pity…

  4. I don’t like his artwork.

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