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Patreon Reward: Doom 2099

I knew nothing of the Doom 2099 series or character. Turns out, it’s just regular-class modern day Doctor Doom somehow in the year 2099. Feels like Marvel pulled that trick a few times. Turns out, I like this suit.


Cleaning some stuff and I found this sketch cover I never posted. Available on the Shop!

Super Soldier

Drew another Amalgams.


By request.

White Rabbit

The character that made me aware of my sexual preferance as a young boy. YouTube Short can be seen here.


Commission. Always available for ’em. My first time drawing Hobo-Ninja DD. Interesting. It’s no black armor, though.

Dr. Strangefate

Wanted to draw some Amalgams. So far, just this one. Maybe more later? HEY! If you’re Dayton, Ohio adjacent, I will be doing free sketches at Mavericks Cards and Comics for Free Comic Book Day from 10am-12pm. Watch me be sleepy! NO LIKENESSES!

Heroes for Hire

For funsies.

Patreon Reward: Blue Marvel

A character I know very, very little about. Kind of a Sentry-esque “forgotten” character from everyone’s past but no one’s ever mentioned. I know he popped up in the 616-set Ultimates comic, and is just kinda floating around now. Oh, and that the writer of the terrible, terrible Underworld movies created him.