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I did a YouTubes.

Captain America

Celebrate America with some good ol’ fashioned CAPITALISM! (More like Capitalist America, amirite?!) This sketch cover is available for sale at my shop (along with lots of other reasonably priced original art!) Go! BUY! SPEND! CONSUME! AMERICA!

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I really like combo villains/characters

13. Union Jack

Apparently the WWII 2nd version of Union Jack was gay (his lover was the character known as Destroyer. Jokes at your own risk). But I’ll be honest, while researching this, all I wanted to do was go back and re-read Paul Grist’s masterful Jack Staff series.

1. D-Man

It’s Pride Month, and I’ve decided to help celebrate in my own way, by drawing a month full of LGBTQIA+ superheroes/characters. As an 80% cis het dude, I do feel I probably should not be doing this, but I just wanted to draw some fun & kick-ass characters, and show my support to people who …

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42. Anaconda


Batroc the Leaper

Allez Vous!

Captain America

Captain America