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1434. A Patriot

When you publicly criticize Chris Samnee for not drawing his sketch of John Lakeman to be sad enough, and he calls you out to draw one yourself, you better step up. And also fail, ‘cuz Chris Samnee is fucking great, and you’re me. Anyway, a month or so ago, my friend Bruce O. Hughes convinced …

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384. Patriot

Enjoyed this character’s turn in the original Young Avengers run, but I’m not sure what happened to him afterward. Speaking of America, I watched American Hustle. Some really good acting couldn’t save this movie from desperately wishing it was a Martin Scorsese film, and in the process forgetting that the unlikeable characters and convoluted plot …

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256. Patriot

Same problem with Captain America,every variation of the patriotic superhero costume has been done. That and I’ve really liked both of Patriot’s costumes from “Young Avengers”. I’m not sure what’s happened to the character. I gave him Cap’s energy shield thing from back in the mid 90s, during one of Mark Waid’s run. Can’t remember …

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