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Captain America

Celebrate America with some good ol’ fashioned CAPITALISM! (More like Capitalist America, amirite?!) This sketch cover is available for sale at my shop (along with lots of other reasonably priced original art!) Go! BUY! SPEND! CONSUME! AMERICA!


Patreon Reward: Thor

Getting an early jump at April Patron rewards. Get it? Sign up for my Patreon for more awesome jokes. Also, if you live near me and visit my house once or twice a week, you get your sketches early. Something to keep in mind.


Patreon Ketchup – Taskmaster

Out of the hospital for a month now, back to work full-time. Still can’t walk, still have a long way to go. But, I do have a little more time now to catch up on the Patreon Reward sketches I unfortunately had to set aside while I was sick. First up is Taskmaster! Now you …

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Patreon Reward: Super-Adaptoid

I really like combo villains/characters

20. Flatman

The Great Lakes Avengers are a team I have a very soft spot for. They popped up in the late 80s as I somehow stumbled into reading West Coast Avengers at the time when Wanda/Scarlet Witch first went batshit and when Vision became bleached white Vision, which is a storyline that has basically influenced the …

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15. Wiccan

I’ll be honest, I totally forgot Wiccan (and Hulkling) were a thing. I read the original run of Young Avengers back in the day and loved it, but yeah… Also totally forgot that Wiccan was one of Scarlet Witch’s fake sons. Ah well.

14. Hercules

Hercules! ‘Nuff Said.

61. Spider-Woman

Julia Carpenter, and a need to draw it weird.