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Free Comic Book Day 2023

All the sketches done during FCBD at Mavericks Cards & Comics.

Patreon Reward: Thor

Getting an early jump at April Patron rewards. Get it? Sign up for my Patreon for more awesome jokes. Also, if you live near me and visit my house once or twice a week, you get your sketches early. Something to keep in mind.

Patreon Reward: Super-Adaptoid

I really like combo villains/characters

Patreon Reward: Valkyrie

Patron had asked for Valkyrie, and while she told me “whichever version I like”, I knew she’d rather have the Tessa Thompson version from the movies. As is my refrain in life, I am terrible at likenesses. I’m even more terrible at drawing the movie versions of comic characters and their movie costumes. Gimme old-school …

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24. Loki

Fuck America. Fuck this garbage, fascist, third world country. Listen, the 15-20% of me that wavers from hetero can totally recognize that Tom Hiddleston is absolutely sexy. I. Get. It. I love him in the movies, and the Loki show was fantastic. But, I cannot reconcile smokeshow movie Loki to comic Loki. Loki in the …

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14. Hercules

Hercules! ‘Nuff Said.

62. Hela

I’m Hela done with Marvember.

56. Thor

Happy Thanksgiving. It’s Thorsday.


The Wrecking Crew

Not requested by Jason Young, but drawn for Jason Young.