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White Rabbit

White Rabbit

The character that made me aware of my sexual preferance as a young boy. YouTube Short can be seen here.

Commission: Wolverine vs. Sabretooth

^ Click to embiggen. Commission. Purchaser just wanted “Wolverine”, no deets. A thing I like to do in my free time to fight boredom is to re-create logos in Adobe Illustrator. At the time she had asked for this commission, I had literally just finished working on a Wolverine logo, and in my files I …

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Peter Parker

I’d like to try to draw more unmasked/secret identities of superheroes, see if I can make them look like… people, I guess?


For sale at my shop,4 x 6 black and white, pen and ink illustration on bristol board. Marvel Comics’ Spider-Woman.

Venom Process Video

New YouTube Short video.

Black Cat

Timelapse video

Patreon Reward: Spider-Ham

Never forget.

Spider-Punk: Selling Out

Spider-Punk original art for sale in my shop. 8 x 10 illustration on 9 x 12 board, black and white ink.


Spider-Friends, Go For It

A few weeks ago, chillin’ with my pal Joe, we decided to watch some Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and now I’ve just been mainlining it. Just had to draw Ms. Lion.