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Batman & Joker

Nearly four years ago I drew this Joker piece, but never scanned in the original to post here on the site. So here that is. I also discovered an even older process video of a Batman sketch that I did and never posted. So go look at both on my YouTube Channel. Thankeesah. Anyway, don’t …

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Black Vulcan

Whoopsie. So, I wound up stumbling across an instagram account that makes custom Super Powers figures and backing boards. They usually do Super Powers versions of characters like He-Man or Lion-O, or characters that never got a proper S.P. release. I have seen and enjoyed their works before. BUT. They recently posted a custom Black …

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Plastic Man

In honor/memory of Ramona Fradon, and also because I love drawing Plastic Man. Here’s a YouTube Short Process Vid.

John Constantine

YouTube Process Video

Venom Process Video

New YouTube Short video.

Green Goblin

Soaring through the skies on Christmas Eve, hurling pumpkin bombs down chimneys. See the process video here.




YouTube process short

Kid Flash

YouTube short


YouTube Shorty