Black Vulcan


So, I wound up stumbling across an instagram account that makes custom Super Powers figures and backing boards. They usually do Super Powers versions of characters like He-Man or Lion-O, or characters that never got a proper S.P. release. I have seen and enjoyed their works before.


They recently posted a custom Black Vulcan figure. Cool. They used my art without asking me for permission for the custom card. Not cool.

If they had, I probably would have said yes. Hell, I’d probably have offered to redraw it to make it more palatable for a Super Powers card. Instead of being reasonable, I’m just pissed.

I posted a snide remark. They apologized and removed the image, also saying that they had no idea who drew it or how to contact me. If you Google Image “Black Vulcan Art”, it’s like the 3rd image that comes up and is directly from this here VERY CLEARLY BRANDED WEBSITE.

Anyhoo, don’t steal my art without permission.

That said! While going through my blog to find that exact Black Vulcan image, I discovered that I never posted THIS Black Vulcan image! I drew this back in June of 2020 and posted a process video of it on YouTube, but apparently never posted the final static image here with a link to it. Whoops.

Fixing that now. Don’t steal it.

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