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White Rabbit

The character that made me aware of my sexual preferance as a young boy. YouTube Short can be seen here.


YouTube Short

Ms. Marvel

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YouTube Short

Batman & Joker

Nearly four years ago I drew this Joker piece, but never scanned in the original to post here on the site. So here that is. I also discovered an even older process video of a Batman sketch that I did and never posted. So go look at both on my YouTube Channel. Thankeesah. Anyway, don’t …

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Black Vulcan

Whoopsie. So, I wound up stumbling across an instagram account that makes custom Super Powers figures and backing boards. They usually do Super Powers versions of characters like He-Man or Lion-O, or characters that never got a proper S.P. release. I have seen and enjoyed their works before. BUT. They recently posted a custom Black …

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I like how this turned out, but it’s moved away from the original intent of these experiments. But maybe this is the goal? I dunno. I don’t draw Hellcat a lot. I like her. There is a YouTube of this sketch.

Plastic Man

In honor/memory of Ramona Fradon, and also because I love drawing Plastic Man. Here’s a YouTube Short Process Vid.


I did a YouTubes.

John Constantine

YouTube Process Video