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1331. Two-Face

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1028. Best Friends

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888. Two-Face

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759. Two-Face

The place where I volunteer – We Care Arts – is having a charity auction in a few weeks. My friend Jessie – one of the teachers – asked if I’d contribute something for it. So here it is, all 22 x 17 inches of Batfamily and Batvillain glory. Easily, this is the biggest drawing …

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525. Two-Face

Seriously, I could inconsistently draw Two-Face for a week straight and delight myself.

195a. Two-Face

Ending the Bat-Villain Bonuses with this, my favorite Batman villain. Don’t know why he is, he just is (probably because I’m obsessed with the visual, and the physical manifestation of being two things at once). Probably keep up the bonus sketches, but I went through all the Bat-Villains I felt like drawing.

658. Two-Face

445. Two-Face

Felt like I hadn’t drawn a Batman villain in a while. I’m probably wrong about that. So, anyhoo, Easter went well. Ate an obscenely early dinner with my parents and big brother and his family, then watched my first Cubs game of the year (they lost! Surprise!). The highlight of the day was spending the …

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101 – Two Face