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1059. Mister Miracle

I have nothing and no one, but I hope you do. Here’s Jack Kirby’s Jesus, and I’d wish he’d save us all. Merry Christmas. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

686a. Aquaman

So hey, one week left to get yourself a Christmas commission! But all the weeks left to get a regular commission! Prices remain the same either way. Sorry. This is a Christmas commission, Aquaman (Brave & The Bold edition) vs. Bat-Mite. It was brought up that Aquaman doesn’t have his own version of Bat-Mite, but …

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327. Luke Cage

Finally getting around to watching the final episodes of JESSICA JONES on Christmas Eve. Hence the double purpose  of today’s sketch.

Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor here was was drawn as a Christmas gift. I had asked Bambi what she wanted for Christmas, and she told me “draw something for my mom”. Insert Admiral Ackbar “It’s a Trap!” gif here (incidentally, Admiral Ackbar was one of only four Star Wars figures I ever owned as a kid [the …

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328 – Santa Claus

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone.