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23. Obsidian

A companion to yesterday’s sketch, Obsidian – Todd Rice – is Alan Scott’s son. A member of Infinity Inc. and occasionally the Justice Society. I guess he was outed while being a supporting character in the Kate Spencer Manhunter series (much missed, RIP), but until I just now read the wikipedia entry, I’d have sworn …

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22. Green Lantern

So, to counter yesterday’s piece, here’s Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. He’s a character I have a deep fondness for who has been presented as hetero for nearly 70-80 years. The character was outed last year during… something. I think it was an event book or something. Prior to this, an alternate Earth …

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87. Two-Face & December Patreon Rewards

Merry Christmas from the man who is both naughty and nice and will judge you by the flip of his coin. Merry Christmas as well to all my Patrons, and to everyone else I guess. If you want a sincere holiday greeting from me, join my Patreon. The Hell Priest Clive Barker doesn’t like the …

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65. Johnny Sorrow

September Patreon Rewards

The Green Ranger Power Girl I think my Patrons got mixed up this month! Anime guy wanted Super-person, Super-Guy wanted anime person! It’s wacky! Come confuse me by joining my Patreon today.

73. Hourman

I love this character so much.

70. Stargirl

1047. Jade

1046. Obsidian

360. Hourman

Time is a flat circle, and to celebrate day 360, here’s Hourman. Hourman is actually a secret favorite character of mine. Mostly it’s the hoodmask. He’s definitely one of my favorite Justice Society members. Even though I’ve grown out of the grim ‘n’ gritty “realistic” superhero thing, I always like Rex Tyler’s portrayal as an …

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