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87. Two-Face & December Patreon Rewards

Merry Christmas from the man who is both naughty and nice and will judge you by the flip of his coin. Merry Christmas as well to all my Patrons, and to everyone else I guess. If you want a sincere holiday greeting from me, join my Patreon. The Hell Priest Clive Barker doesn’t like the …

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2. Captain Elliot Spencer

I have such sights to show you. Every drawing for Inktober is available for sale, $15. Contact me if interested.

812. Pinhead

Me. MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: May 6th, 2017. Free Sketch Cards. Getchu sum.

636. Schlitzie the Pinhead

When I first saw Freaks, Schlitzie was the one performer who mesmerized me the most. Say what you will about the treatment of these people, but they were ostensibly well cared for and lived longer, better lives than had they been on their own. Schlitzie’s story may seem tragic on its face, but he lived …

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