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Heroes in Crisis

Commission! Still do ’em. Pay in money. Or muscle magazines from the 80s. Or tickets to comedy shows. But mostly money, please. Was asked to do a re-creation of the cover for Formerly Known as the Justice League #1 (below) by Kevin Maguire. But with Wally West in his “Rebirth” costume, surrounded by his murder …

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Daredevil/The Flash

Hmm. Not too happy with this one, but it’s fundamentals that are off. Update! Shit guys, I fucked up. I was meant to be drawing the Flash, not Daredevil. Here’s the fixed image.

Reverse Flash

Drawn on yellow cardstock. Gift for my longest supporting patron who refuses rewards. Also one of my real-life closest friends.

Patreon Reward: The Flash

Always Wally, but Sometimes – happily – Jay.

Johnny Quick

Free Comic Book Day 2023

All the sketches done during FCBD at Mavericks Cards & Comics.

Filmation Kid Flash

Always… Wally? (Watched all the old Filmation Studios DC Superhero shorts last week. This was Kid Flash from both The Flash and Teen Titans series).

Captain Cold

This Christmas sketch went out to my old friend Alec Ross, whom I much prefer over my old enemy Alex Ross. Anyway, I love a Flash rogue and I don’t draw them nearly enough.

25. Flash

Always Wally, except sometimes not, but Never Barry. In that “sometimes not” section we have Jess Chambers, a Flash from an alternate Earth. They showed up in the Future State event, but possibly elsewhere? I read their story from the 2021 DC Pride book and enjoyed it quite a bit, and I really like their …

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2. Pied Piper

Not the best sketch. Anyhoo, back in 1991, I had a friend… it was either James or Preston. I’m leaning toward Preston. We were talking about the brand new TV sensation called The Flash. You’ve heard of it. Lasted 14 seasons. John Wesley Shipp became the biggest star in America. Anyway, James/Preston was schooling me …

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