Heroes in Crisis

Commission! Still do ’em. Pay in money. Or muscle magazines from the 80s. Or tickets to comedy shows. But mostly money, please.

Was asked to do a re-creation of the cover for Formerly Known as the Justice League #1 (below) by Kevin Maguire. But with Wally West in his “Rebirth” costume, surrounded by his murder victims from the execrable mini-series Heroes in Crisis! They’re mad. He made a whoopsie and murdered everyone! Then timey-wimey killed himself to cover it up! Because!

By the way, spoiler for one of the absolute worst comics published in the last decade. Everyone involved needs a time out. Think about what you did. Be ashamed. I guess it is slightly better than Identity Crisis at least?

Go read FKatJL – or any Keith Giffen comic – instead!

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