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Heroes in Crisis

Commission! Still do ’em. Pay in money. Or muscle magazines from the 80s. Or tickets to comedy shows. But mostly money, please. Was asked to do a re-creation of the cover for Formerly Known as the Justice League #1 (below) by Kevin Maguire. But with Wally West in his “Rebirth” costume, surrounded by his murder …

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Filmation Kid Flash

Always… Wally? (Watched all the old Filmation Studios DC Superhero shorts last week. This was Kid Flash from both The Flash and Teen Titans series).

2. Pied Piper

Not the best sketch. Anyhoo, back in 1991, I had a friend… it was either James or Preston. I’m leaning toward Preston. We were talking about the brand new TV sensation called The Flash. You’ve heard of it. Lasted 14 seasons. John Wesley Shipp became the biggest star in America. Anyway, James/Preston was schooling me …

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74. The Suit

Flash on the Can

I can’t believe I have never posted this on this blog before. My friend Joe G. is the curator of a Flash-themed sketchbook. He takes it to cons, has artists – most of them professional and A-Listers – sketch various Flashes in it. Back in 2006, I believe at the very first Gem City Comic …

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Six FanArts: Wally West Edition

Decided to do a late-addition Six FanArts Challenge, but all Wally West, dedicated to and inspired by Joe Grunenwald who had done his own Wally West edition. Always Wally.


Always Wally

Wally West: The Flash

Wanted to do a cartoony. Always Wally, motherfuckers.

Sad Wally

I’m not gonna get into it, but here’s Wally West. Sad. Also, I just wanted to draw a real weird.

1347. Linda Park

This was incredibly difficult to draw. For one I’m never great at drawing the supporting human casts of superhero characters, and two, Asian characters are hard to draw without slipping into a horrible racist caricature. For those not in the know, Linda Park is Wally West’s – The Flash’s – girlfriend and eventual wife. Always …

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