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Patreon Reward: Raven


Dick, looking FANTASTIC in his original/best costume. This 6×9 ink drawing is available for sale on my storefront.

89. Dr. Light


Six FanArts: Wally West Edition

Decided to do a late-addition Six FanArts Challenge, but all Wally West, dedicated to and inspired by Joe Grunenwald who had done his own Wally West edition. Always Wally.

857. Cyborg

265. New Teen Titans

Drew this many years ago as a jam piece with mah’boogie Jason Young as a birthday gift for our boogie Joe Grunenwald. I’m not one to criticize Jason Young or his art. He’s one of the damn finest cartoonists I know. However, this entire piece is terrible, mostly due to my own contributions and I …

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373. Cyborg

My list for this month is a little Marvel-heavy, so I’m trying to break it up with other characters when I can. Cyborg was a character I first “found” from the Super Powers cartoon back in my childhood. I always liked him, Firestorm too. Eventually I discovered Wolfman & Perez’s TEEN TITANS and continued to …

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249 – Cyborg

110 – Starfire

Starfire is the Tawny Kitaen of superheroes. I’m pretty sure that to every pre-pubescent comic geek in the 80s, Starfire is a total representation of sex, and how frightening and awesome it is. I’m honestly surprised that whenever the exploitation, sexualization and objectification of female comic characters gets brought up, no one ever brings up …

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