373. Cyborg

My list for this month is a little Marvel-heavy, so I’m trying to break it up with other characters when I can. Cyborg was a character I first “found” from the Super Powers cartoon back in my childhood. I always liked him, Firestorm too. Eventually I discovered Wolfman & Perez’s TEEN TITANS and continued to enjoy him as a character. The less said about Cyborg in the New 52 and as a member of The Justice League is for the best. I think you can guess which version I prefer.
DC Comics. Ruining everything since 2011.


I appreciate Vic much more as an adult than I did as a kid.

When I was a kid I thought Cyborg was awesome. I remember always looking for his Super Powers action figure at K-mart and Gold Circle but never being able to find it.
Maybe Joe G. had already bought them all so no one else could have any. I’m kidding of course, what need would Joe G. have for dozens of the same Super Powers figure?

I never had a Cyborg as a kid. I got one at Bookery when I was in high school. Also I hate you Jason.

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